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A-2240 Mixer Power Amplifier
The mixer power amplifier shall be ideal for a wide variety of installed sound
applications such as paging and background music ( BGM) distribution.
The mixer power amplifier shall have the ability to accommodate up to five audio signals
in total.
The amplifier shall control and mix up to two electronically balanced
( screw terminal) MIC inputs, one balanced ( screw terminal) TEL input, up to two unbalanced ( RCA pin jack) AUX inputs, and deliver an audio output of 120W.
The MIC input impedance shall be 600 ohm, the TEL input impedance shall be 10k ohms, and the AUX impedance shall be 10k ohms.

Specifications shall be equal to the following:
* frequency response: 50 to 20k Hz ( + / - 3 dB) .
* Distortion: Less than 1% THD at 1 kHz, 1/ 3 rated power.
* It shall be capable of operation from a 120 V AC 60 Hz line.
* Power consumption shall be 238W.
* Phantom power for MIC1 shall be DC + 21V.
* The S/ N ratio shall be over 60 dB.
* Tone controls shall be + / - 10 dB at 100Hz for bass and + / - 10 dB at 10k Hz for treble.
* The mixer power amplifier shall include 25 V, 70 V, or 4 ohm transformer-isolated outputs with screw terminal type connections and a protective cover plate, and AUX output with dual-RCA jacks for recording or connection to an external booster amplifier.
* The amplifier shall incorporate an auto-mute function with MIC1, MIC2, and TEL inputs that override BGM channels AUX 1 and AUX 2 with -30 dB attenuation, for voice activated paging at an adjustable threshold level ( 0 to 64 dB for MIC and MIC 2, 0 to -23 dB for TEL) .
* The mixer amplifier front panel shall include a master volume control, MIC/ TEL and AUX volume controls, Bass/ Treble tone controls and Signal, Peak, and Power LEDs.
* Dimensions shall be 16.5” ( W) x 4.0” ( H) x 14.2” ( D) .
* Net weight shall be 29.10lb.
* Front panel and material shall be black ABS resin and case finish and
material shall be black steel plate.
The mixer power amplifier shall be TOA model A-2240